Without a contemporary website you are missing out on countless, valuable opportunities. 

Don’t push “get a professional website” to the bottom of your to-do list anymore. Let’s create a destination that you are excited to direct people to. It is easier and less expensive than you realise. 

Whether you want to attract more clients, get more bookings, share more with your audience, teach online courses or sell more products; you need a sleek and effective website that gets the job done. I am here to make the process of website creation simple.

Do what you are good at & let me help you shine online

Web Design

I create contemporary websites that get you noticed. No fluff or fuss just a simple and fast process to get you what you need – a website that works. You need a strong web presence. I make that easy.

Video Content Creation

Video is king! 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video. Creating video content for your blog, Social Media, advertising or YouTube channel boosts your connection with a wider audience. Got an idea for a video series? We can make it happen.

Online Course Creation

According to Forbes, the 2015 online course market was going to be over $100 billion and growing. Got a brilliant online course bubbling inside of you but no idea of how to create it or what platform to use? I can build you a user friendly LMS (learning management system). Super simple; all you have to do is write/video the content.

Who is my service for?

Freelancers, start-ups, bloggers, performers, teachers, speakers, designers, yogis, dancers, painters, printers, fashionistas, YouTubers, makers, doers, creators.

My work

I have collaborated with a wide range of creatives, entertainers and online leaders.


Hayley Hoopla Web Design
Hayley Hoopla

I like to think of my website as an online folio, so I can update my work as I grow and my website grows with me. Clients can make first impression, so I must make it a good one! Good SEO has really helped me to get a lot of bookings (thanks to Masa). My website tells a story of who I am and what my work is about. If a client enquires about a show of mine, I can send them direct to the page with all necessary links in a neat package rather than sending them to 5 different places (email, YouTube, Vimeo, photo attachments). For my students it’s great because they get all detailed class/course info (more than what I can provide on Facebook/Insta) and there’s a shop there so they can pay for the course straight away and that’s easy for me. I love the online shop!

Give us a brief description of the service that you are promoting. Try keep it short so that it is easy for people to scan your page.

Learn with Vern Web Design
Vern - The Connected Circus

“I have been really impressed by the website that Masa built for my new business. His creativity and knowledge of his craft has given me the opportunity to have a professional and dynamic online presence. It has given me the opportunity to better network and build an online audience, vital for businesses nowadays.

Thank you Masa for enabling me to showcase my talents through yours.”

Andala Ngaire Web Design

“I absolutely love my new website!  Masao is brilliant and super talented. He worked with me from beginning to end, gave me soooo much advice.  Masao created the perfect website for me and made it even better than I had imagined.  It is essential for my business to have a such a professional site and now I can direct all customers, clients and interested people to one super amazing spot online.  Easy!”

About me

How can I help you?

First of all, you should know that “I get it” I know the challenges that creative, small businesses face. The overwhelm can be real, the to-do list can be massive. I have created and grown several of my own businesses from scratch.

I take all the heaviness out of creating your professional and fresh online space.

I help you deliver your message to your audience. Think of my service as the bridge between you and your people.

I help you by simplifying that process, by unlocking the gateway. In short I make you a contemporary, easy to navigate, stand out website/video series/online course that let’s you share your message, project, products and/or services easily.

I help you by being available, by taking the hard work out of having a stand out website, by walking you through the process and by getting you ready to shine in a timeframe that suits you.

If you want to talk about creating a fresh and powerful website for your project, service or products, please get in touch.

Chatting is free, there are no obligations. I want to connect with people who are creative and positive. If you are interested in my work or curious about how we can work together please get in touch.

Contact me

I am based in Gold Coast.

You can reach me by the form below. Call me 0452077220 or email me

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